What Should Be Included in a Puppy Contract

6. The conditions must include the purpose that the dog is supposed to fulfill – pet, show, agility, field trials, hunting, etc. The terms can answer these questions: For me, the purpose of a contract is to create an understanding – that`s what I want and expect, and then the other person has the chance to know these things and answer with a “Yes, it works for me” or a “No – can we talk about it a little more?”. This written agreement, called simply the show dog contract, ensures that the puppy has inherent characteristics to meet its breed standard. The breeder or seller has seen evidence that the puppy will soon be qualified to attend outdoor events. We bought a Labrador Retriever for $1800.00. Veterinarian checked if get. A lame one-year-old puppy, veterinarian checked and waited for the results. What would be my recourse if I were diagnosed with orthopedic problems, except when the puppy returns? Which is not in the equation. Thank you Take advantage of this discussion to study their reaction. Do potential owners care? Are you interested and want to know more? Do they become impatient and irritable? Use these tips to decipher if this is the kind of person you want your puppy to come home with.

I signed a contract to sterilize my dog before he was 1 year old. I don`t want to sterilize him until he finishes growing. Can you enforce the contract? Or is simply alarmist. I will not raise it, I just want to sterilize it only after 18-24 months, I am not a lawyer, so I will not give you absolutely any legal advice. However, I will speak from the point of view of a breeder and a buyer who has signed contracts. No matter how much research you do or how many books you read, ultimately buying a puppy is a leap of faith. You trust that the breeder has done their best to produce a healthy and well-adapted puppy, and the breeder is confident that you will take care of your new family member to the best of your ability, hopefully long enough to see his gray muzzle. Ideally, the producer will be available at every step of the process for questions, concerns and at the very end for a shoulder to cry. If a contract seems so restrictive or punitive that it suggests that your relationship with the breeder will be more combative than caring, then this should give you food for thought.

A puppy contract is a physical way to negotiate the transaction. But how do you navigate through all the fine print? The buyer undertakes to maintain the health of the puppy / dog with annual vaccinations as indicated by his veterinarian. On the contrary, sometimes a breeder sells a puppy without even seeing a veterinarian. You must indicate that it is the buyer`s responsibility to provide medical care. This is the entire agreement (2 pages) between the parties and is valid and agreed by all parties. All parties have read and understood this Agreement and have fully accepted it by signing below. Contracts clearly define what one party expects from another party over a certain period of time. It is more common for them to be presented by the seller in order to legally bind the buyer to the promise that he will not raise the animal, train it properly, not miss any veterinary visit, etc. These contracts usually serve to protect the seller`s business and the dog`s health.

Buyers may also have contracts to ensure that the breeder uses healthy parents, performs genetic testing, treats dogs humanely, etc. to ensure that they get a healthy dog that does not leave the factory. What if it sounds in the contract as if you were “irresponsible” or let the dog be hit by a car, etc. (which we would never do), they could “recover” the dog at any time? How do you fight this choice of words? Our baby is about 16 weeks old and she is already texting me and micromanaging when our baby has been vaccinated and started his professional training (specified in the contract) etc. My husband is a veterinary technician and has been in the industry for 18 years, so we are very experienced and our animals are like our children, they are our family. I want to protect myself from this lady. Once we have completed her vaccination schedule, neuter her and do this training course (which my husband is also a trainer, but he specifies specific courses), she wants her to be a service dog, but this is NOT specified in the contract. She keeps telling me she can`t wait to see what our dog does (in terms of service), but it was never specific when we bought it. We believe that every dog breeder should have them ready on their computer, as this should not be taken lightly.

For your convenience, these dog breeding contract templates are available for download in Word and PDF format. Take a look at our Dog Breeding Bible! The AKC suggests that agreements between individuals be made in writing, clearly stating all obligations and circumstances, and that all parties receive a copy of the agreement. For more information, see “AKC Procedures for Registration Matters” available on the AKC website. I did not see the contract, and its details were not discussed with me by the breeder before paying $ 2000 and arriving to pick up the puppy. I first saw the contract when I sat with the puppy on my lap in the breeder`s living room. I flew over it and placed it on a side table next to the chair. The breeder handed me a pen and I signed the contract. I went home for eight hours and didn`t look at the documents for a few days.

You can create your own contract from scratch at any time. Please note that the perfect puppy contract does not exist. You must enter into an agreement that meets the needs of both parties. If a breeder wants to delay castration or sterilization, check with your veterinarian in advance and make sure they agree with this schedule. Ditto for other vet-related items for which breeders tend to be strong, such as. B food requirements and vaccination schedules. After decades of experience with dozens of litters, many have developed successful protocols that work for their family of dogs, and they include them in their contracts, with the hope that you will follow them. If your veterinarian and breeder are on the same page, avoid conflicts later. I bought a dog from a person with a contact who said “As is”, but at the same time the seller told us that the dog had received a clear health certificate and would provide this record. When the dog showed signs of illness when we brought him home, we called the vet, who the seller said was using. The vet told us that the previous owner refused treatment due to financial constraints.

It was contrary to what she had told me and my wife at the time of purchase. When we took the dog to our vet, he immediately performed blood tests and diagnosed uterine inflammation in the dog and said the dog had one for some time. If the seller has declared something at the time of the conclusion of the contract and he has not succeeded, what recourse do we have? I think we own our dog with the breeder we bought it from. We paid extra for “litter selection” with the understanding that she should have 2 litters of puppies. The breeder took care of the puppy of the puppies as well as the sale of them. We would get 20% of the sales of each puppy. We were also “allowed” to keep a puppy from each litter (which we didn`t want to do). We were told to keep the dog in good shape if we wanted to show it to him.

It`s been 12 puppies and 3 years since we last spoke to the breeder. After the last litter, we told the breeder`s daughter, we sterilized the dog. The breeder just contacted us (she now lives 1500 miles away) that she wants to show the dog. Our dog cannot be shown because he is overweight and we have no interest in showing them at this stage. We think we fulfilled our part of the deal by giving him 12 puppies for sale. Do we have to deal with it? If you`re considering getting a puppy, sign up with Tailwise today to get in touch with a verified breeder. What should people consider when thinking about co-ownership of an animal? What are the legal rights of co-owners vis-à-vis a dog? Specify a health insurance or a specific guarantee for the puppy. Many breeders produce litters of relatives known to be free of genetic diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia, and these specific certifications must be listed in the contract. For example, if you sell a German Shepherd puppy from a father with an excellent hip rating from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and a mother with a good hip rating, you can guarantee that the puppy will be certified free of hip dysplasia by the OFA at the age of 2, or you can offer a refund or replacement puppy. Give your buyer a period of a few days (usually 7) to exercise their right to return the dog in case of medical defect. You must determine the conditions of such a return, for example.

B a period given to the buyer, but also which medical conditions are valid and which are not. Conclude the contract with spaces for signatures and data of the buyer and seller. After signing, have the contract notarized and give the buyer a copy for their own personal records. Keep in mind that you don`t want to put all your trust in a paper contract. You have to be at the end of the day, a dog is a trait and no contract can control the actions of a buyer/seller. If you meet the person you want to do business with and their actions are questionable, walk away. Excellent article from both points of view. My breeding club needs written contracts for all transactions. Makes people think – again from both perspectives. This contract can be used by owners of show dogs or new puppies. They make an agreement to share the ownership of a puppy with a breeder.

We`ve found that most people sign a contract as long as it`s fair, and it doesn`t hurt to use a sales template that you can customize to your needs to create the document. .